virgin first sex

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  1. shubhangi at 29 September 08 20:43:
    Quality is very poor it could have been more intresting !!
  2. esromel at 29 September 08 20:43:
    if that was virgin sex, then it must have been HIS first time. in my 66 years i have busted a few cherry's, and there's alway bleeding. i agree with tony-virgin my asssssss. bullshit!
  3. esromel at 29 September 08 20:43:
    i agree it's period blood, because breaking a cherry is alway bright blood, and looks a lot different.
  4. pack4 at 29 October 08 20:43:
    esromel you think you popped a cherry yea right checks in the mail. You have have had only seconds YOF.
  5. sandep at 29 November 08 20:43:
    ya, thats d spoiling virginity. i like it.
  6. s3x_nstruc2r at 29 December 08 20:43:
    lol, 8s not a real virgin!!
  7. xxmjxx at 08 January 09 20:43:
    she's very hot and ilove her smile ilike this girl (L)
  8. mrhairyballs at 15 January 09 20:43:
    LOL a woman won't fuck in all those positions her first time. 99% of the time it will be in missionary, but he's doing her while she's sitting on TOP of him. Virgin girls don't do that.
  9. brutus013 at 22 January 09 20:43:
    fake vid
  10. BLKmagicc at 22 January 09 20:43:
    i woulda been like shut up bitch take it
  11. fillmycunt at 29 January 09 01:43:
    this must have been his first time not hers (he's terrible!) but re: female first time position, i was rolled over and taken from behind my first time and yeah, there was definitely more blood than the fake drop shown here.
  12. TonyLechuga at 29 July 08 03:19:
    virgin my asssssssssss
  13. loveitalway at 29 July 08 03:19:
  14. useraasdfa at 29 July 08 03:19:
    i for one, heartily believe that this girl had never had sex before she performed in this adult video.
  15. daydreamer5 at 29 July 08 03:19:
    He should have stuck it in her ass. It would have went in easier.
  16. pack4 at 29 July 08 03:19:
    I agree user she never had it before this video.
  17. abacalypse at 29 July 08 03:19:
    Fake, its a period's blood.. sucks..
  18. Ajchris at 29 July 08 03:19:
    This video was post
  19. pf123 at 29 July 08 03:19:
    Everyone knows when you break in a virgin you gotta do it missionary style. Then she can't keep leaping away from your dick. lol
  20. lunamas at 29 July 08 03:19:
    ture ture
  21. porn.luva at 30 July 08 03:19:
    i reckon she was a virgin to cos u can't act like ur a virgin that well. and if it was perion blood there'd probly b a lot more.
  22. EazinAlong at 06 August 08 03:19:
    I think it's real. She's so jumpy that maybe he should have tied her down first. ;-) Glad she enjoyed it by the end.
  23. Abbasalama at 20 August 08 03:19:
    ya, i saw the whole vid, shes a noobie
  24. sexyman345 at 22 August 08 03:19:
    Yeah, she's a virgin no doubt about it.