Rape Fantasy ~ From Femdom To Rape

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  1. pissed the fuck off! at 02 December 08 20:07:
    I hope u burn..no scortch in hell for what u did 2 her. what kinda shit is that?!?! If i see yo ass on the street or any where i swear to GOOOD ima fuckin kill yo ass! ima cut u, shoot ya nuts off and make u eat them then ima cut ya tounge out and lick yo ass wit it!!!! u need Jesus!
  2. Arkansasstranger at 02 December 08 20:10:
    thats fucked up. if u liked what he did 2 u i wish u 2 lovebirds the best in hell
  3. AFRICANOBOI at 02 December 08 20:11:
    GO FUCKING DIE!!!!!!!!!
  4. killa367 at 02 December 08 20:24:
    hope you like prison. lets see how u like gettin rapped.
  5. joker at 02 December 08 20:27:
    i want 10 billion $ for 7 years straight or im callin the cops.you have a week to decide. call this number when you have 7766333 tic toc
  6. richard stealflx at 02 December 08 20:30:
    yo small dick, listen up. i would like a ransom of 5000 $ untill next Christmas or ill foward this video to a cop call this number 8039400 u only have 10 days.
  7. lol at 20 December 08 01:52:
    people why so passionate looks fake to me.
  8. blah at 25 December 08 01:22:
    shes fully smiling..
  9. Very at 24 January 09 07:13:
    very very very very very fake....People are so damn stupid nowadays. First of all the lighting is to good. Second of all the camera is wayy to professional. Third, very little resistance.
  10. wtf?? at 26 January 09 01:36:
    is she crying or laughing....obviously fake