Donkey Punch (Alex Devine)

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  1. bamfdavec at 07 September 11 22:39:
    FUCKING best shitF This is how a girl is supposed to be treated! lmfao and rub a couple out.
  2. star80 at 29 May 11 01:39:
    This is so sad. She is being abused. Take note of the visible bruises on her at the end of the clip. Sick fucks. If I were her, I would have taken my platform heel and rammed it up his ass so hard. You guys like this? Maybe I should have some of my gay friends come over and fuck you in the ass and film it (some of them even have hiv) how would you like that?
  3. PinkOxy at 12 November 10 03:05:
    I would have fucking bit down so hard on that guys dick, teach him a fucking lesson.
  4. Fuckin A at 03 January 09 17:38:
    I love rough ass humiliation porn.
  5. alex devine at 03 January 09 18:29:
  6. pasty smasher at 03 January 09 20:14:
    this bloke is a legend!
  7. lol at 03 January 09 22:56:
  8. jackm at 03 January 09 23:44:
    Imagine how much he could of beat her if the mope would of just took the ring off. Could have been epic.
  9. mrbg at 06 January 09 17:48:
    He should of farted in her face at least once
  10. Mike B at 09 January 09 21:09:
    nobody gives a fuck! nobody gives a fuck! I came twice to this video
  11. man at 14 January 09 22:14:
    this shit goes too far
  12. pure at 15 January 09 13:47:
    this guy is seriously a fuckin french homo
  13. biglodz at 22 January 09 22:39:
    ...wonder how much she got paid to do this shit?lol
  14. nicki at 28 January 09 13:18:
    it was hott..but minus the punching lol<br />part 4 sucked...<br />does anyone know where part 1 2 are
  15. Miettek at 03 February 09 09:41:
    I laughted a lot, watching this. Such a pathethic crap;) I wonder why the guy didn't shit on her face at the end. It would be good finish.