Biggest Clit ever seen

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  1. hunter966 at 10 January 08 07:39:
    A little sex education for you: after a male to female sex change operation, doctors fashion a clitoris from a portion of the erectile tissue from the severed penis. What you're looking at is a stubbed dick. You're a homo if this gets you off. But I'm not a homo if I like watching shemales fuck girls. Go figure.
  2. stretching at 10 February 08 07:39:
    I love to suck on BIG CLITS, YUMMY
  3. zedo0 at 10 March 08 07:39:
    Once she's technically a female i'm fucking her. lol
  4. guy133 at 10 March 08 07:39:
    I've never knowingly seen a vagina after a sex change, but that one looks pretty normal. Could the huge clit be the result of testosterone supplements for body building women?
  5. kuan911 at 10 April 08 07:39:
    thats a woman, im sure, she's got a vagina, probably she's having some hormone problems
  6. Mitsuomi at 10 May 08 07:39:
    Not really sure about this person, but just because a girl has a big clit doesn't mean that 'she' use to be a 'he' lol. Some girls just have big ones.
  7. Pleasurplzher at 10 May 08 07:39:
    I thk Vanessa might b BIGGER,but w/me 1 session I'd make it da BIGGEST n' Da World......MMMmmm I'd suc it like NO2MORROW!!! OhHellYes~~~~
  8. 4s4u at 10 May 08 07:39:
    clits are underdeveloped penis's. some women have a more developed "penis" a.k.a clit. completely normal but kinda gross
  9. josp1220 at 10 June 08 07:39:
    This is not a sex change, this is IN FACT one of the many side effects of steriods abuse, along with voice change, hair loss, facial bone change and vaginal discharge etc.... Now we all know.
  10. melody1000 at 10 September 08 07:39:
    my clit is like that maybe that's why I love pussy so much
  11. fredrick_a_2000 at 10 September 08 07:39:
    no way thats a clit.its shaped and has a head like a dick.but on the other hand,damn!!!!!i hope itaint no dick cuz i came like a motherfucker!!!!LOL
  12. fredrick_a_2000 at 10 September 08 07:39:
    plus i think the big bitch is german!those bitches are built like men.and of course illegal steroids are out there changing body parts too.
  13. fatgurl at 10 September 08 07:39:
    why is she jerking her clit off...??? hmmmmm
  14. Jeysus at 10 September 08 07:39:
    i would suck her big clit
  15. Gabe2099 at 10 October 08 07:39:
    that's suzan kaminga, don't know who the smaller girl is. suzan was a female bodybuilder and like josp1220 said it is one of the side effects of steroid use, not really abuse, a woman doesn't have to abuse steroids to suffer the side effects.
  16. LaPuzzy01 at 10 December 08 07:39:
    it looks like she's not too thrilled about eatin that...
  17. ross53545 at 10 December 08 07:39:
    I am taking a big clit woman to the white house with me, so we can suck it after press conferences
  18. Shewolf7550 at 10 December 08 07:39:
    after reading all the posts here about her and her big clitty..she was or is a body builder...cant u see that!!!!...probably took steriods and her clitty grew...some said she was a transsexual...NOT....shes got a hot body..kinda broud in the shoulders but,, that dont stop me from wanting to flick that clit with my tongue...yummy...made my pussy wet...
  19. loco275 at 10 December 08 07:39:
    its a tiny dick
  20. candycane at 10 December 08 07:39:
  21. mgs00 at 10 December 08 07:39:
    plz post more similar videos!!!